Azerbaijan gave the coordinates of the exploded missiles of Iskander (PHOTO)


Armenia used Iskander against Azerbaijan during the 44-day war in Karabakh.

Minval says it was reported by Azerbaijan National Agency for Mine Action (ANAMA).

The representative of the agency said the demining works in Shushi launched in December of the past year.

During the works in Shushi on March 15 parts of exploded missiles were found.

“The geographical coordinates of the parts of the missiles are the following: 39°45’38.10«N 46°44’33.90»E и 39°45’27.80«N 46°45’25.80»E. During the checking of the identification number (9М723), the experts of the agency revealed that the parts of the missile belong to Iskander missile complex. Even in open Internet resources it may be determined that identification number 9M723 belongs to Iskander missile,” the agency said in the statement.

The agency stressed that all this confirm that Armenia used Iskander in the direction of Shushi.