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Our future is based on our ability to protect our past. Vahan Setyan

18/09/2019 22:23

Our future is based on our ability to protect our past. Vahan Setyan

“Armenian Free Voice News” represents interview with Vahan Setyan who is an armenologist, a scientist, a doctor of psychological sciences and the author of books.

Mr. Setyan, during our previous interview you represented the problems that we meet in the field of Armenology, what kind of changes you see now, is there any progress?

Armenology is seeing more attention by attracting many of our Armenians as well as foreigners to contribute to its revelations in history and language. What we have been saying for more than 100 years are becoming more evident with new discoveries in archaeology, language and genetics. But at the same time, it is also attracting more of those who want the Armenian history to be hidden. The added attention to Karahunj recently is an example where more people know about its importance, yet we observe even more people are attempting to tarnish its important, both by our selected Armenians from within, as well as foreigners. Look at the way they mishandle the Karahunj stones. We need to be careful from those in high academic positions who deliberately distort our history and recently, the Karahunj’s more than 12,000 years history as an ancient observatory. It is easy for me to refute their arguments, but they are not willing to accept my official offers of a public debate. That should tell you something important and what they are afraid of. Here is an important question, in my opinion: Why do we even allow falsifiers to teach in Armenia or have press conferences that teach nonsense to the audience? One answer that should be considered is that many of us don’t know our own history or language facts well enough to realize that those in front of us are lying about our history. In other words, if we show ourselves and others, we know our history, less of undesirables will infiltrate. Very simple.


We have already spoken about the false Armenologists, how do you evaluate the situation, are you following their activities, how do we struggle against false Armenologists and false Armenology?


Falsification of Armenian history is so perverse that it is easy to detect. In academia, beyond the borders of Armenia, you can see that professors are trying very hard to publish as erroneous information as possible to a point of it being laughable. At the same time, their arguments are very shallow and are not difficult to refute. The issue is that we need to consistently counterattack as they are consistent with their efforts to distort, using their high academic positions. The public would not be able to determine fact from fiction in areas that they have no understanding in. Tus when professors from high positions support a certain view, the students just follow and ultimately, their published work is transferred to the internet. At that point, it becomes difficult to clean the mess.


Do you have new studies or discoveries, please tell us about it?


Araratian Kingdom of Van has more secrets than has been disclosed and I am about to publish most of the new work that the world should know. One of the reasons for its publication is to educate our own people about our own kingdom of Ararat and to also clean the falsifications that the world academia is trying to promote to hide our past.


There are many people penetrated in the field of Armenology, of course, they carry out interesting studies, publish new books, but the Armenologists do not tolerate each other, what is the reason, don't you think we need to be united?


Our Armenologists seem to prefer to work alone because they think what they discover is important enough to be individually recognized. They are too jealous of each other for the wrong reasons. They need to understand that no one person owns our own history. We own it as a Nation and as people. I am the only person who has published about our history who has mentioned and thanked all our Armenologists by name, one by one. I have them all listed individually, and thanks given to each person in my book, Language as a Fingerprint. You are not going to see that from them doing the same thing, as they are too divided and partitioned. The Aryan nature is to do things individually, but in this case, we need to understand the importance of our teamwork as we can be much stronger together.  However, what we require is more publicity. In other words, we need people like you to continue to ask questions and to promote the works of our Armenian scientists and scholars. We need to create a global network of Armenologists who share information and findings while being funded by our benefactors who have the capital to help. The Armenian government should be the most important funder of this project because our future is based on our ability to protect our past. To destroy a people’s future, you need to destroy their history first. This is exactly what is happening to us and if we do not fight back, both from the Diaspora and in Armenia itself, we are going to lose the war.


Even today, patriotic Armenologists of the time - Suren Ayvazyan, Paris Herouni and others, are being stoned considering Armenian Highland as the center of human being creation, how can we prove to the world the importance of the Armenian Highland?


The works of Paris Heruni are laced with gold and it is our duty to protect it. At the same time, we need to realize that we are few in number who are willing to commit to the fight against misinformation against us in books and the media. It is very easy to show the world that the majority of the work written about ancient civilizations in the Armenian highlands and Mesopotamia are incorrect. The difficult part is that we are outnumbered. We need to have all the books that have been published to defend our history and language to be translated in Russian, English, Spanish and Chinese. This is critical. Trying to fight falsifications and attempting to correct misinformation by just writing in Armenian or broadcasting in Armenian is like screaming under water for others to hear you in the other side of the globe. It is not going to help us.


I know, that you are studying Armenian, what kind of discoveries did you do on the way of knowing the language more deeply?


The Armenian language is the mother tongue of Aryan languages. The so-called proto-Indo-European language is the Armenian language itself. The more we examine the Aryan languages, the more we see that this important information is visible in plain sight, but difficult for those who do not know the Armenian language or those who see it but hate to admit it. We have to realize that ancient historical examinations of ancient civilizations in the Armenian highlands or the examinations of languages did not start by Armenians. It started from few bewildered individuals who were just curious about the language connections and used a broken compass to link languages together and travel to areas that were secondary. Additionally, we came in to the scene to tell about ourselves in academia only recently, relatively speaking, which means that much of the information written about us was done by non-Armenians filled a gap of history with bad information. This misinformation turned to falsification attempts and now we have volumes of data that we must rewrite and correct. Therefore, now that we see almost all their work as erroneous, we must fight to correct it and we are fighting a very hard battle, with having very few people in our side who want to contribute. But at the same time, only few people would be enough if they are supported by our nation and our people.


What is the main problem in the field of Armenology, you can see deeply from outside?


The state of Armenology is best understood from the Diaspora and from people looking from the outside in. From our perspective, Armenology in Armenia is very powerful with published books that should change history. But we have couple of problems. For one, the books that should be accessible to the world are only published in the Armenian language. This means the world does not know what it should know about important information that is available in the Armenian language. Second, Armenian schools and universities still have Armenian professors who do not know accept Araratian Kingdom or Urartu as an Armenian kingdom and do not consider Urartians as Armenians nor do they accept Urartian as an Armenian language. Why are they still employed? They should be removed from their position for their deliberate contributions in falsification of Armenian history. We should all understand that the “Urartian” language is simply one of the Armenian dialects. If you examine how the Urartian examination started and by whom, you will see how weak the arguments are of those who want this falsehood to remain intact.

I think official, public and televised debates are critical to clean this mess, and the Armenian government should be very involved in this matter. We have too many people who have no interest in their past and unfortunately, a government as a whole that may care less about its past. Professor Vachagan Vahradian said it correctly recently on his observations of Karahunj, when he asserted that “Tell me how you treat Karahunj, and I will tell you who you are.” Look how many imbeciles are handling our ancient artifacts up there. They are like animals who have something to hide and will to destroy. This has to change, otherwise, we will become a people of a lost past with no way of resurrecting it. This is our only time and our only chance to protect our prehistoric and ancient past. In a sense, we need to be the last strong hold of guardians of historical truth, the way Armenia was the last stronghold of Mithraism.

Armenia is an open-air museum and we should take pride in it by truly contributing to its protection.  At the same time, instead of wasting money on building churches, we should build the world’s largest museum to hold our ancient artifacts and ask the world to return our historical items. That means to go to Turkey and Britain and demand our artifacts to be returned to us.  If we do not do this, we are indirectly telling the world that what they find on their lands (Turkey, Georgia and Azerbaijan) is not ours, even though we already know that it was all ours at times they didn’t exist and that 90% of our ancient lands has been taken away by our neighbors. Hittites, Hurrians, Etruscans, Basques, Pelasgians, and Sumerians, to name a few…they were all part of us, and the world is reading about them without realizing they are reading about us. We are reminding the Basques about their cultural and linguist ties to our own, as they are clueless of where their culture and language came from. That’s how powerful our past and language is. At the same time, if we allow our treasure to be left alone, others who do not have a treasure of their own are going to steal it. It is very ironic that we, the oldest people who have survived from the last Ice Age, and who have contributed to the development of world civilizations, are now standing without having any strategies to protect it as a nation of people.


The woods are burning, ladies and gentlemen. There is a big blaze going all around us. We are going to continue to see falsifications of our history unless we fight back. More books have to be written and published, a formal organization founded, and create a network of dedicated professionals across the globe who fight against defamation and falsification. We make this happen, and we will resurrect our ancestors, our past and our presence in history. Otherwise we are going to continue to witness the decimation of our past, the way we allowed our ancient gods to turn to dust.






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