Turkish PM Erdogan made statement for April 24

23/04/2014 16:23

Turkish PM Erdogan made statement for April 24

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has highlighted the "shared pain" endured during the 1915 events in a historic statement April 23 on the Armenian issue, expressing condolences on behalf of the Turkish state to the grandchildren of Armenians who lost their lives "in the context of the early twentieth century." Reported Hurriyet.

In a first-of-its-kind statement released by the Prime Minister's Office, Erdoğan said April 24 carries "particular significance for our Armenian citizens and for all Armenians around the world."

Erdogan  said that "The incidents of the First World War are our shared pain. To evaluate this painful period of history through a perspective of just memory is a humane and scholarly responsibility."

Erdoğan's statement also stressed the importance of freedom of expression and respect of plurality regarding history.

"In Turkey, expressing different opinions and thoughts freely on the events of 1915 is the requirement of a pluralistic perspective as well as of a culture of democracy and modernity," the statement said.

"It is with this hope and belief that we wish that the Armenians who lost their lives in the context of the early twentieth century rest in peace, and we convey our condolences to their grandchildren," it said.

P.S. Erdogan's statment was translated in 8 languages, also in armeninan, but these translations have been made by internet tranlate program which is very unprofessional.



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